20 enero, 2010

10 Tips to Getting More Retweets

10 Tips to Getting More Retweets:
"Your followers took the time to check out your profile and thought you were cool enough to follow, but how are you treating them in return?"
Have you allowed your large number of followers cause you to develop Twi-lebrity Syndrome? Suddenly, you’re too good to respond to or retweet anything and you think everyone should stop what they’re doing and retweet your tweets? If so, then you’ve probably begun to notice that for some strange reason the number of your followers are dropping. Why? Because you’ve been ignoring them. Followers are special – they can do more for your business than you could alone, that is if you would do more for them. I admit, when I first joined Twitter, I was totally confused by this new platform of reaching people. I’m sure I’ve offended several people with my random and even borderline spammy tweets. It wasn’t until someone took the time to say hello in a direct message that it finally clicked for me.

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